Angel-in-us Coffee, a cup of coffee by an angel that makes you smile.

Astana Group introduces a new chain of coffee bars Angel In Us to the market

On December 10, 2014 Astana Group signed a contract with the South Korea company Lotteria Corporation on opening of the chain of coffee bars Angel In Us within the framework of the project. The plans are that the first flagman points of Angel In Us will be opened in 2015; and by 2018 the chain will include 15 coffee bars in the cities of Almaty, Astana, Aktobe and Shymkent. Opening of Angel In Us will start from shopping mall MEGA; then, the chain will be expanded by opening of new points.

Angel In Us is the most popular chain in the South-East Asia; Wide and varied assortment of this brand can satisfy the most delicate taste. The name of the brand Angel In Us, which can be translated into Russian as “Ангел внутри нас” is directly associated with that sense, which its founders make of it. ‘Coffee is a God’s grace, which is given by angels’, – they say. According to standards of Angel In Us Arabica coffee beans are first air dried and then slightly roasted by Pure Roasting system. The system makes for maximum long-lasting and loaded aroma and flavors coffee very delicate and fresh without bitterness.
Popularity of the segment of the coffee bars in Kazakhstan is only growing up; this is a promising area of business and Kazakhstan market of coffee bars can accommodate new players. Company Astana Group is glad to introduce the wide assortment of coffee bars Angel In Us to citizens and guests of the city. A cup of freshly brewed coffee in Angel In Us can be served with maple syrup toasts, Belgian waffles, bagels, muffins, sandwiches and other deserts. In addition, the chain of coffee bars can offer a wide range of hot platters.
Today, the chain of coffee bars Angel In Us is one of the largest and rapidly developing chains in the South-East Asia, which includes over 1,100 coffee bars.

Brief information
Astana Group amalgamate companies working in the most competitive segments of Kazakhstan economy – autoretail (Astana Motors) and in the commercial real estate market (MEGA Development).
Lotteria Corporation is a multibrand franchiser, a division of holding company Lotte Group.
Lotte Group is the largest company ranking No. 5 in South Korea with annual turnover of bln. $85.


Today, on April 10, Kazakhstan company Astana Group officially opened the first coffee bar Angel In Us in shopping mall MEGA Alma-Ata. The second coffee bar will be opened in shopping mall M...