Angel-in-us brand story

We have been, and continue to be, a passionate trailblazer toward the maker of the best coffee.

We are a specialty coffee house that leads the growth of Korea’s espresso market and development of coffee culture.

Lovely experience

We strive for pleasant customer experience. Since launching in 2000, Angel-in-us has been leading the growth of espresso coffee market in Korea. Coffee culture is growing more specialized and high-end, and we will lead the efforts to create a valuable customer experience with tasteful coffee served in a comfortable setting.

Take your time

A piece of quiet time in a hectic day, to be enjoyed with friends and family in a relaxing atmosphere.
Angel-in-us brings you a refreshing moment with rich flavor of coffee served in a comfortable setting.
Emotional brand with rich art and culture.

Angel-in-us engages in art-themed collaboration projects such as “Angel in Art” and “Coffee in Style”. So far we have worked with global artists including a popular Spanish artist, Eva Almerson, Stina Persson from Sweden, and an up-and-coming French artist, Malik Favre. In Korea, we have designed and introduced Jeju mug, Jeju tumbler, and Gwanghwamun mug which is tourist attractions in Seoul, taking a coffee-based approach to Korean culture and art.


Starting with stores in China and Vietnam in 2008, Angel-in-us has broadened its geographic coverage to as far as Indonesia (in 2011) and Kazakhstan (in 2015) to become a global coffee brand.