About Us

Angel-in-us Coffee, a cup of coffee by an angel that makes you smile.

Lotte, a leading food and beverage company, invites you for a cup of fresh coffee, made with our 30 years of know-how

It has not been long since Angel-in-us Coffee has been around. Many other coffee brands have a longer history. However, when it comes to passion and commitment to make and serve the very best coffee, we are on top of our game.

We make best efforts to serve the most tasteful coffee made from top quality beans.

You can find delicious cakes and fresh baked breads at our store.

We make best efforts for shared growth with our customers. Find out about our past and future here. Your continued attention and support are greatly appreciated.

We promise to:

  1. serve coffee of excellent taste and aroma.
  2. provide comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.
  3. deliver customer satisfaction in all areas of drinks, food, service and cleanliness.

Our green bean partner, Java Trading and Distant Lands in the US, supply top quality Arabica beans for us. Using a patented Pure Roast™ Roasting of Java coffee, we maintain consistent bean quality, and all our beans are roasted in Korea to keep them fresh.

We have won many prestigious coffee-tasting contests including Northwest Taste Awards, The Pacific Northwest’s most prestigious cupping, Washington Restaurant Association, and Coffee of Choice Award.

KCSI coffee franchise award for 5 straight years.

Korea Customer Satisfaction Index is a leading indicator of the level of customer satisfaction with products and services in Korea.

The company launched in 2000 as Java Coffee, re-branded to Angel-in-us Coffee in 2006, and has shown a continued growth ever since.