About coffee

Angel-in-us Coffee, a cup of coffee by an angel that makes you smile.

We bring Angel-in-us to your home. We offer highest quality coffee bean to be brewed and enjoyed at home.

Top quality bean from Kenyan highland where the climate is warm and moist. The bean is distinguished by fresh blackberry-like acidity, combined with refreshing taste of tropical fruits and sweet chocolate. It is best to drink straight in the early morning.

Soufflé cheese cake – Refreshing and crisp flavor of Kenya AA brings out a deeper, fuller taste from the cheese cake.
This bean is ideal for blending with other beans due to its mild and tender flavor. It has an excellent balance of nuttiness and acidity, plus crisp smell of apple and sweet chocolate.

Premium waffle – Enjoy the scrumptious combination of nutty Brazilian coffee and a sweet waffle. Top quality bean from the Andes Mountain with a mild combination ofnutty flavor and a little bitter. It starts with fresh lemony taste and ends on a spicier note.

New York/American cheese cake – The smooth flavor of Colombian coffee brings out the rich flavor of the cheese cake. Top quality bean produced in pristine Pacific coast, with a crisp acidity and rich flavor. The beans are particularly large in size, and boast a sense of full body.

Garlic cheese bread, garlic stick bread – When the refreshing flavor of Costa Rica coffee meets sweet and spicy garlic bread. Top quality bean from a beautiful Caribbean island, Jamaica, with a refreshing lemony flavor and sweet vanilla. It is ideal for straight coffee in the early morning, shared with a loved one.

Tiramisu – You will fall in love with the mild flavor of Jamaican Blue Mountain and rich sweetness of Tiramisu. Hazelnut flavor is added to refreshing acidity that evokes apple and lime. It is ideal for people who like richflavored coffee, and goes well with sweet desserts.

Chocolate cake – We recommend a slice of chocolate cake to enhance acidity and hazelnut flavor of the coffee. Angel-in-us signature blend that mixes top quality Colombia Supremo and Brazil beans at a golden ratio. Feel the harmony of nutty texture, sweet chocolate note, and bright acidity.

A perfect cup of coffee

We use highest quality Arabica beans selected by our green bean partner, Distant Lands in the US. The blending is done with finest beans collected from more than 13 prestigious coffee plantationsaround the world by professional Q-graders, including the top Latin American coffee plantation, La Minita in the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica, and other places from Kenya, Colombia, and Brazil.

With patented Java Pure Roasting System™, green beans are floated in the air so that they can be roasted evenly without burning or under-roasting. This brings out a rich, smooth flavor in coffee.

Additionally, Angel-in-us continues to introduce new seasonal drinks and desserts to satisfy various, evolving palates of our customers.